Lithium Stocks to Consider
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Lithium Stocks To Consider

One of the hottest resources in recent years has been lithium. It’s still an exciting story, except it’s not just lithium dominating headlines anymore. Its friendly cousin, cobalt, is also a hotspot for investor attention.

Before you even get to the companies, you need to get an understanding about why lithium is as hot a topic as it is, and what’s making the market so hot right now.

In short, the answer is: electric vehicles and electric home-battery storage units. More specifically, it’s the future demand for these ‘green’ energies.

As it stands, right now, the world doesn’t currently make that many all-electric cars. And, as for home-battery storage, well, just pop around to your neighbours to see how many of them are sporting Tesla’s Powerwall. Lithium is used not only in electric vehicles but extensively in consumer electronics like phones for the re-charging capacity of batteries.

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